Positive Energy CA Phase Support

Our Integrated Mechanical Design™ service continues during the CA phase of the project in limited capacity. Success depends on timely communication. Three important junctures where our continued involvement supports project success are listed here. As schedules are unpredictable, it's the responsibility of the Architect, GC or Mechanical Installer to keep us informed about progress on site. 

Pre-Installation Alignment Observation

Once framing is completed, we visit the site and verify that design expectations and the built reality match up. Preferably the installing contractor (or the installer's Project Manager) will join us. This helps make sure the installation starts on the right foot. 

Rough-In Observation

When rough-in is complete and before anything gets covered up, we visually inspect the installation and confirm that it reasonably conforms to the design. This is often the last chance a project team gets to truly "fix" a system.  (Diagnostic services are available for an additional fee. We often recommend them when repair access will be limited after sheetrock, but it's a good idea regardless)

Trim-Out & Start-up Observation

When the mechanical systems are trimmed out and it's time for start up, it's time for our last visit too. This is the best opportunity to help make sure that any fires or potential fires get put out quickly. We're offering extra brain power to the project team, here.  Take our offer. Ideally, we do this when we do the code required testing (you'll need a separate quote for this service).