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Hot Water Details

High Performance Hot Water Design Details

Why should I get HPHW design done? 

The choice you make regarding what type of water heater you’ll install is typically less impactful for hot water energy efficiency than the design of the hot water delivery system. There is no substitute for thoughtful layout and planning of hot water distribution.  With our designs in place, reducing hot water wait time is a luxury that also saves energy. 

How will HPHW design benefit my project?

Unlike the water heater itself, the quality of lack of quality of you hot water delivery system is a permanent condition. It will exist and function for the life of the home. If it’s not well thought out, it will function poorly for its entire existence! Our world loves product-centric "fixes" when a systems approach is often more significant and more effective. 

What does my HPHW design deliverable look like?

See for yourself.

Why should I choose your HPHW design services over someone else's? 

Positive Energy has extensive building science expertise and a deep knowledge of residential engineering. We are the thought leaders in this market space. And since you’ve already thought about hiring us to do an Integrated Mechanical Design, you’re keeping things simple and in one place. By signing on for both design services, we’ll be able to more efficiently coordinate any HVAC ducting and piping that would otherwise conflict. Our understanding of fluid-dynamics is fundamental to all our designs and our knowledge of building science makes our designs site-ready; not just wishful thinking.

How much faster does your design deliver the HW compared to the same house without HPHW design? 

Would we really be good engineers if we didn’t answer this question with the infamous “it depends” response? Many homes today are built with poor performing, inefficient hot water delivery systems that take minutes to deliver hot water to the point of use and waste large amounts of energy and water in the process. Approximately 10 to 15 percent of the energy use associated with a hot water delivery system is wasted in distribution losses. Studies have shown that the average home wastes more than 3,650 gallons of water per year waiting for hot water to arrive at the point of use. Our design goals reduce wait time to the minimum possible time allowed by physics. Typically wait times of more than 30 seconds is not unusual for certain fixtures, with our designs we aim to keep wait times less than 5 second, often they are only 2-3 seconds.

Can you design cold water Systems too? 

Yes. We do offer full residential plumbing design as well if you’re looking for a more robust service. And while our full plumbing design includes HPHW, most residential projects that already have a thorough plumbing sub-contractor find more value in simply having us design the HPHW.

I’m ready for HPHW Design. How do we begin? 

We offer our HPHW design as an add on to our Integrated Mechanical Design. Contact us for pricing on these value-enhancing investments to your high performing systems.