Integrated Mechanical Design™

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Our signature Integrated Mechanical Design™ is a service that adds value to your project by using engineering principles to design high performance HVAC systems for custom residential projects.

We fully integrate with the architect's design processes and support the project team with deep building science and construction expertise. The goal is simplify and to avoid costly revisions and delays. Our fee often comes in at less than 1% of total construction costs.

Why leave your health & comfort up to guess work?

Drawn Precisely On Architectural Plans & Revit Models

Our Integrated Mechanical Design™ is fully coordinated with your structural engineering and architecture. The design itself is built on sound engineering principles because quality engineering matters. This takes all the guess work out for the installer and ensures that comfort and health are delivered.  

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Heating/Cooling Load Calculations & VRF Equipment Selection

We use ASHRAE, ANSI and ACCA procedures to calculate your heating/cooling loads and we use manufacturers' expanded performance data to select the right equipment for your project. But we don't stop there.  An overall system concept and configuration includes thoughtfully defining indoor zones according to occupancy, exposure and orientation.  You won't find a deeper knowledge-base of VRF systems anywhere else.

Full Distribution Drawings

Our designs account for the full distribution system of your HVAC, down to the diffusers. Using the equipment selections and a deep knowledge of how these systems work, we make sure enough air gets to each space in your house with precision. Your installer will greatly benefit from having the guess-work removed from the equation. And you'll know what the equipment costs will be so you can make better installer decisions.