Building Science Consulting

Construction isn’t always perfect and sometimes homes experience building failures. Positive Energy's consulting & testing services go beyond the norm of blind assumptions because we care about you and your family’s health. We provide deep expertise in building science when we assess the performance of your home and we pride ourselves on our thoroughness and thoughtful communication. Our consultations focus on identifying and helping you understand potential construction failures in your home.

We only offer consulting services to referrals from a select group of partner clients. Ask your project team if they’re on the list.


Where We Began.

Believe it or not, our story began with high quality Performance Testing. Positive Energy built itself into the unique engineering company it is today by digging into what we found problematic in homes as we tested them for code compliance. Boy, did we learn a lot.

There is so much to focus on during the design and the construction process, it's easy to forget that ultimately what matters is what actually got built and how it performs.

Measured Performance Matters.

Our consulting intersects with our design services as well. We take an immense amount of pride in our Integrated Mechanical Design service. But design without measured performance is just wishful thinking. That’s exactly why we test our mechanical designs using the same thorough tools and methods we utilize in our one-off consulting services.


  • $2500 minimum, dependent on scope*

  • Available to referrals by Positive Energy’s partner architects and builders

  • Available in Austin and surrounding area

  • Required form completion (see below)

  • Required intake meeting or phone call

    *This is a highly customized service and pricing may range dramatically depending on the scale of the home and problems involved