Measured Performance Assessments

Not all testing is created equal. Positive Energy's testing services go beyond the norm of blindly stamped paperwork. We provide deep expertise in building science and we pride ourselves on our thoroughness and thoughtful communication. We'd be happy to show you exactly how well your project stacks up with scientific analysis and offer improvement suggestions based on years of construction experience. If you care about the results and you want to get it right, we're the right company to call.*

*Available in Austin


Where We Began.

Believe it or not, our story began with high quality Performance Testing. Positive Energy built itself into the unique engineering company it is today by digging into what we found problematic in homes as we tested them for code compliance. Boy, did we learn a lot.

There is so much to focus on during the design and the construction process, it's easy to forget that ultimately what matters is what actually got built and how it performs.

Measured Performance Matters.

We fully realize that not everyone has the budget to hire us on for our Integrated Mechanical Design service. That doesn't mean we can't help you achieve outstanding results on your new home or remodel project. 

Good intentions don't provide comfort, indoor air quality, durability and energy efficiency - measured performance is what matters. That's how to truly know your project is resilient and healthy.

Don't leave it to guesswork. Let us test it.


Performance Testing

  • Enclosure Leakage
  • Duct Leakage 
  • Airflow & Air Balance Testing
  • Leakage of building thermal envelope (Blower Door) 
  • System Static Pressure
  • Room Differential
  • Pressure Differential to Outside 
  • Thermographic Imaging Diagnostics (optional)
  • Detailed analysis and advice on how to pass

Home Performance Assessments

  • Custom scope based on an intake interview 
  • This is a great option for remodel projects
  • Let us know if you have more questions!