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Generating and storing energy on-site benefits energy independence, resilience, and energy costs. Solar PV should be much more than an after-thought appliqué to an already completed design. These are important and impactful systems to think about early in the design process. They are integral to the operation of the home and its systems. To support the best outcomes for value - aesthetics and functionality - we highly recommend early and close coordination between Positive Energy and your project team.

Drawn Precisely On Architectural Plans & Revit Models

Our On-Site Energy Production Design is fully coordinated with all the elements of your project team. Our deliverable for this design service provides our clients the following:

  • Support & Intake Meeting to Determine Project Goals with Respect to On-Site Energy Production & Storage

  • Preliminary System Configuration to Support Site Planning

  • Visualized System Layout in CAD & PDF Showing Location of Required Equipment

  • Electrical System Schematic (Single‐Line Diagram) in CAD & PDF Showing Component Inter-Connections 

  • Estimated Battery Systems Sizing to Meet Project Requirements

  • Energy Production Simulation

Energy Production Simulations

We use energy simulations that are estimates based upon a "Typical Meteorological Year" using TMY2 or TMY3 data. The energy simulation indicates that the system is estimated to produce a specified amount of energy during periods that align with the TMY average. 

System Layout & Location Requirements

Our designs clearly communicate the full distribution system of your project’s systems, but we need to be involved early. To support the best-value integration of On-Site Energy Production into the architectural, electrical, and structural design, we recommend early and close coordination between project team members.