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Past Projects

Our services can benefit the performance of all types of projects, including new construction, renovations, and energy retrofits. Below is a list of our past projects.

  • Under contract with Austin Energy, provide technical support for three weatherization programs, including quality control inspections, field training, HVAC design, and troubleshooting.
  • In partnership with EQS, Inc., conduct energy modeling and residential inspections to support the Green Energy Mortgage (GEM) program.
  • Conduct field inspections as part of an evaluation of Austin Energy’s Energy Conservation and Disclosure Ordinance for the Pecan Street Project.
  • Conduct design consulting, energy modeling, AEGB commissioning and energy inspections for new multifamily construction, 12th Street Court, Austin TX.
  • Support design phase through final AEGB commissioning for high performance office building, Sustainable Food Center, Austin TX.
  • Support design phase through final AEGB commissioning for high performance office and classroom space, Creative Action Project, Austin TX.
  • Consult/Advise on envelope and HVAC design for a proposed multi-family Living Building Challenge project, Austin TX.
  • Provide scope of work to improve performance based on modeling results and on-site diagnostic testing for existing multifamily structures, Villas Del Sol, Austin TX.
  • Consult/Advise on energy reduction efforts for existing luxury hotel buildings, Various Locations, Barbados.
  • Direct and perform research study—Mechanical Systems Research Studies (combined): Impact of Supplemental Dehumidification on Indoor Environments & Energy Use; CO2-Based Occupancy Ventilation Assessment. Project support by ThermaStor Inc. Coordinate local teams to perform sub-metering, monitoring and data collection of power use at electrical panels as well as data logging for CO2 and indoor psychrometrics
  • Provide expertise for 50+ unit net-zero development on topics including envelope, & HVAC design, energy modeling and budgeting, Cherokee Nation, Tulsa OK.
  • Provide high performance mechanical design for residential projects. Designs include load calculations, mechanical system component selection, air distribution, supplemental dehumidification, ventilation and make-up air design. Specialize in variable refrigerant flow HVAC technology.
  • Conduct design, energy modeling, construction, and energy monitoring for net-zero deep energy retrofit project. Project has measured net energy positive annually since completion and received an AEGB 5-Star rating. Recognized in 2012 as AEGB’s 10,000th Green Rated project, Rainey Residence, Austin TX.