1. Pre-sheetrock Assessment and Test .

To include: Visual Assessment of Air Barrier Components and Installation Enclosure Leakage/Tightness Pressure Testing ("Blower Door" testing) with Infrared/thermographic diagnostic testing as appropriate Visual and Depth-Measurement based Assessment of Insulation Visual Inspection of HVAC rough Installation of Equipment, Plenums, Trunk Lines, Run-Outs, and Diffusers Plenums Air Distribution System Leakage/Tightness Pressure Testing with visual and infrared/thermographic diagnostic testing as appropriate

2. Final Testing. 

HVAC System and Building Enclosure Performance Testing, including: Enclosure Leakage/Tightness Pressure Testing ("Blower Door" testing) Air Distribution System Leakage/Tightness Testing Room Airflow Balancing Room-to-Room Pressurization Testing Building-to-Exterior Pressurization Testing Static Pressure Measurements at indoor air handling units IECC 2012 Energy Code Inspection and Compliance paperwork for the jurisdiction having authority.


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