Pre-Installation Alignment Observation

Positive Energy may perform a Pre-Installation Observation to Confirm Feasibility. Once framing is completed, we visit the site and verify that design expectations and the built reality match up. Preferably the installing contractor (or the installer's Project Manager) will join us. This helps make sure the installation starts on the right foot.  For local projects this offering is included as a measure of quality assurance and to verify that the Integrated Mechanical Design was successfully considered in construction so that installation will get off without a hitch. For non-local projects this offering may be performed via remote video conference or, if necessary, on site with travel expenses included.

While this step of any project represents a momentous transition point, not all projects require it. Depending on the fluidity of communication and established relationship between Positive Energy and the mechanical installer, this phase may occur over a few emails and a relaxed site visit, or it may require more intensive oversight and investigation.