Rough-In Observation

Positive Energy may perform a Rough-In Observation to Confirm System Readiness. When rough-in is complete and before anything gets covered up, we visually inspect the installation and confirm that it reasonably conforms to the design. This is often the last chance a project team gets to truly "fix" a system.  (Diagnostic services are available for an additional fee. We often recommend them when repair access will be limited after sheetrock, but it's a good idea regardless)

For local projects this offering is included as a measure of quality assurance and to verify that the Integrated Mechanical Design was successfully considered in installation and construction. For non-local projects this offering may be performed via remote video conference or, if necessary, on site with travel expenses included.

This is a point-of-no-return in many senses. There is very little we can do to save construction and installation components that significantly deviated from the design. The whole point of this site visit is to ensure that what we observed previously in framing will be utilized in accordance with the design during installation. Installers should use the details observed here to assist their own understanding of the systems controls and ensure that the client also understands how to operate them. 

If we've come to this point and it all goes smoothly, we can call our work together on track for success. If there are a few bumps in the road, that's fine too so long as we're open and clear in our communications and intentions.