Positive Energy
Design Around People. A Good Building Follows.
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Positive Energy could not have been more satisfactory to work with. They were professional in the best sense—efficient, affordable, approachable, and honest.
— Jacob Lorfing
Kristof Irwin, Positive Energy’s founder is trustworthy and committed to customer success. He is at the top of our list for vendors we like to work with… I’m sure you will feel the same way.
— Cameron Randolph, Texas DevBuild LLC
I have been working in custom residential architecture in Austin, Texas for over 15 years. Our firm prides itself on thorough attention to detail, and to the resolution of technical issues especially as they relate to the broader experience of the architecture. For many years I had sought out a partner that could work with us on the integration of HVAC systems. We tried everything: working with design/build installers in the design phase, subcontracting with mechanical engineers whose specialty was obviously commercial, and reaching out to companies outside of Austin that claimed to specialize in residential HVAC. The results ranged from modest regrets to full on disappointment. When we came across Positive Energy, we finally felt like we had a dedicated and knowledgable team member that would help us take our projects to another level of resolution. It has truly been a successful partnership.
— Ernesto Cragnolino - Alterstudio Architects
My experience with Positive Energy has proved that this company is responsive, detail-oriented, and professional. I continually refer them to my clients for Home Energy Audits, and they consistently do excellent work—my clients adore them!
— Jules Adams, Realtor
My experience with Positive Energy was extremely, well, positive. They proved responsive and knowledgeable, willing to take the time not only to complete the job in a timely and thorough manner, but also to educate us on the processes and consequences of the energy efficiencies introduced into our home.
— Eric Dieter