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We design high performance HVAC systems. Just to be perfectly clear, we design systems that rely on Variable Capacity (VRF) HVAC equipment. If you want to know more about that, be sure to check out our podcast episode on the subject

Simply put, installers and mainstream MEP engineers launch into designs thinking about air handlers, plenums and ducts, while we start by thinking about your enclosure, your pulmonary system and health, and how your body perceives comfort. Having a carefully designed, high performance HVAC system is the most sensible way to deliver health and comfort in your home or building. Positive Energy has a team of passionate, creative, and thoughtful engineers and we love what we do.

To give you a quick orientation to our services, these are our pricing ranges:

Our Integrated Mechanical Design includes load calculations, equipment selection, full scaled duct design, dehumidification, mua, diffuser selection, and engineering drawings superimposed on architect floor plans. Learn more about the value of our designs. 

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  • Has an HVAC installer with knowledge of VRF systems been selected for the project?
  • What is the budget for HVAC systems for the project?

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