Trim-Out & Start-up Observation

When the mechanical systems are trimmed out and it's time for start up, it's time for our last visit too. This is the best opportunity to help make sure that any fires or potential fires get put out quickly. We're offering extra brain power to the project team, here.  Take our offer. Ideally, we do this when we do the code required testing (you'll need a separate quote for this service). 

For local projects this offering is included as a measure of quality assurance and to verify that the Integrated Mechanical Design was successfully considered in installation and construction. For non-local projects this offering may be performed on site with travel expenses included.

Beyond just verifying the installation, we encourage performance testing for all our projects. While not included in the standard Integrated Mechanical Design proposal, this low cost add-on is a way to ensure that the project not only meets IECC code compliance, but also performs the way it should. Without testing, we're not putting numbers to all the hard work that's been done. It's a big deal and again we highly recommend this service once the project is ready.