Positive Energy Value

What value do Positive Energy’s Designs provide my project?

At Positive Energy, we define value as how a decision impacts the occupants of a space. Because homes are highly immersive and tactile experiences, we think beyond low first costs and visual aesthetics when it comes to value. When architects work with us, they get the information they need when they need it instead of waiting on the installer too late in the process.

Health and Comfort

  • Improved well being
  • Reduced allergen exposure
  • Custom tailored comfort criteria because every client is different
  • Reliable air distribution (consistent comfort)

Robust Expertise

  • Design 

    • Our depth of knowledge and perspective supports effective decision making, freeing up architects to focus elsewhere
    • We provide the opportunity to plan the mechanical system early to avoid costly mistakes like structural conflicts and mold/humidity issues
    • We are the architects resource to integrate effective mechanical systems into the home with 3D details 
  • Construction & Installation

    • We support the general contractor and installer throughout the construction process
    • We are an independent, third-party resource for installation and building science related questions 
    • On-site confirmation of the installation

False assumptions

  • Installer can do it

    • Just ask your installer to provide you the last design they did and then compare to our sample design
    • You hire an architect to design beauty, a structural engineer to keep the building from falling, so why wouldn’t you hire a mechanical expert to take care of the lungs of your house? 
  • We can just figure this out later

    • You get one good shot to do this right
    • Why settle for status quo? 
  • It’s going to add too much cost to the project

    • Our designs show you competitive bidding
    • Our designs streamline the construction process
    • Compared to the overall budget of the project, the design fee is such a minor expense (we know, of course everyone says this)
  • I Will Be Value engineering

    • Consider what this means. You're not adding value to anything by cutting out essential components to getting healthy and comfortable air
    • You're actually removing significant value and engineering from the project to save peanuts on the total cost of construction
  • I can't see the ROI for the design

    • Our design fees have been surpassed four-fold by tear-out costs on a project when a client opted out of our services
    • Our designs/services help you get what the best performance out of the equipment you’re paying for
    • How do you calculate the ROI of your health and comfort?

So in short, here's the gist of what our designs provide you

  • Not leaving it up to the installer to "design" once everything's built
  • Improved healthy and comfortable environment
  • Precise knowledge of your equipment costs
  • Get the project team on the same page with clear expectations
  • Squeeze value out of the team that is missed when priorities are misaligned
  • Your project team has exact scaled drawings, modeled to make installation a breeze