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Passive House In Brooklyn - The New York Times

Here's a fantastic article in the New York Times on Passive House in Brooklyn. A great excerpt - "Now, with a few dozen homes and small projects built or retrofitted to this still exotic standard, passive buildings appear poised to enter New York City’s housing market in a much bigger way. Large projects delivering hundreds of new passive units to market are in the works, and city officials are watching closely.

Passive buildings maintain a comfortable interior climate without active heating and cooling systems — that means no more radiators or air-conditioning units for people who live in environments more temperate than New York’s. This is done using, among other things, an airtight building envelope and a system that exchanges interior and exterior air, usuallly an energy recovery ventilator. In New York, small heating and cooling systems are generally included in passive homes."

We can't wait to see this movement take hold in more serious ways all over the world. Stay tuned with us here at Positive Energy for more exciting PH updates in Austin, TX and beyond.

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