The V In HVAC - Part 1 by Positive Energy

As houses get tighter, we know they need to be ventilated (hopefully). But many in the building industry don’t understand ventilation well. We know about the less than ideal ways to do it, like raw fresh air intakes. We’ve heard of ERVs. And it seems like everyone thinks they want them, but nobody understands them or cares enough to actually bring them into a project. Well wonder no more friends. This episode is a two part series and a deep dive into the V in HVAC - demystifying the ventilation paradigm and making ERVs a topic you can wrap your head around after a few listens.

Don’t be afraid to rewind. Soak it up. Join Kristof as he interviews Chris Smith of Zehnder America about ERVs, HRVs, and all things ventilation.

Chris Smith, Business Development Manager, Zehnder America

Chris Smith Zehnder America

Chris Smith is Business Development Manager for Zehnder America, a high-performance residential ventilation division of the Swiss-based Zehnder Group. Chris's technical inclinations were established as a teenager in his family's CNC machine shop and further developed as a guided-missile launcher technician in the U.S. Navy. He has spent over 15 years in the residential design/build industry as a designer and licensed construction supervisor. He is an NAHB Certified Green Professional and a Certified Passive House Tradesperson. He has designed custom, balanced ventilation systems for hundreds of projects and has personally installed many of them. Chris's professional passion is to help mature the North American building industry's knowledge and application of ventilation systems and promote best practices for healthy Indoor Air Quality.

What The Heck Is HOMEChem? by Positive Energy

This week’s episode features an interview with Corbett Lunsford on the HOMEChem experiments that were being conducted alongside the filming of a brand new, building science focused show called Home Diagnosis TV (be on the lookout for that). Of course, we're really excited about the potential of Indoor Air Quality education coming to the masses. It's the future fulcrum point of housing and health care.

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5 Principles Of A Healthy Home by Positive Energy

Health is the new green - this message is seemingly everywhere these days. It's clear that a shift is underway in the way we think about our homes and buildings. A quality building does more than just use energy efficiently, it needs to provide for the occupants. This means recognizing that our clients will spend their time immersed in the air we create for them and that indoor air is a dominant exposure. Now is the time to get clear on how our homes and buildings relate to health, comfort and well-being and, more importantly, what to do about it. 

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The Building Science Podcast Presents: The Build Show by Positive Energy

The Building Science Podcast proudly presents a crossover episode with The Build Show. If you haven’t heard of The Build Show yet, now you have. Matt Risinger of Risinger & Co. has a widely popular YouTube channel that you should check out after you hear this episode. It’s dedicated to building science, fine craftsmanship, and exploring the products and techniques available to builders today.

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