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March 2 BEC Meeting - Radiant Cooling & Heating Presentation By Messana

Hydronic radiant cooling systems have been used worldwide for decades. Now they are gaining popularity  in North America and become an effective alternative to traditional all-air systems. New building codes and regulations demand for more energy efficient HVAC systems and radiant cooling is a proven and effective technology for cooling residential and commercial buildings. It is the preferred choice for designers to meet standards of Passive House, NetZero energy buildings, green and sustainable architecture. This presentation will address common questions and concerns and also analyze some of the benefits in terms of thermal comfort, wellbeing and productivity of occupants as well as substantial reduction of ductwork cross-sectional dimensions, operational and maintenance costs. Several case studies of radiant cooling projects will be presented.

Join us March 2, 2016 at the Austin AIA for the Building Enclosure Council meeting on Radiant Cooling & Heating Systems presented by Messana. 

801 W 12th St, Austin, TX 78701


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