The Building Science Philosophical Society - Jan 19 - Science of Sustainability / by Positive Energy

The Science of Sustainability 

A building occupies a volume of the earth's atmosphere that we alter to suit our needs.

How we think about our world impacts the goals we set and the decisions we make.  As professionals engaged in the process of delivering homes and buildings to society, we are both influencers and the decision makers. As such our understanding and perspective matters a lot.

How do the decisions we make on one level (site, shelter) impact the outcomes on other levels (global resource/energy use)? 

Join us for an introduction to the science of sustainability - a set of accurate and realistic accounting principles necessary to evaluate buildings and their impacts, including all the resources required for their construction, maintenance and use over time. One that can quantitatively account for the way that people, buildings, societies and culture co-evolve. 

The Building Science Philosophical Society


The Science of Sustainability 


Lake|Flato Austin Office
1711-C E Cesar Chavez St, Austin, TX 78702


Thursday, January 19, 2017 

What To Bring

Your beverage of choice. Snacks will be provided, endless beer will not.