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Kristof's Recent Interview With The Journal Of Light Construction

Greetings building science nerds,

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As you could reasonably expect, when someone calls Kristof and wants to talk about building science, we avoid the norms. Instead of talking about assemblies or materials and ratings, we go straight to talking about human health and how the building serves it. And that's exactly what happened when the Journal of Light Construction's Senior Editor, Ted Cushman, called to talk with Kristof for his recently published article, "Controlling Humidity in Warm Climates.

What is the main output of your house? It’s healthy, productive human beings. The main output is you. So all the stuff we do around buildings really should be around you. And the main thing I need to do for you is to deliver healthy air for you to breathe. In building science, it might be safer and friendlier to talk about moisture accumulation in materials, and ‘should we do a vapor retarder,’ etc.—but it’s much more important to talk about upper respiratory infections, asthma, and sleep apnea.
— Kristof Irwin, P.E. Mech. Eng., Co-founder of Positive Energy

Check out the article for yourself. It's a good read and has some pretty pictures of machines made by our friends over at UltraAire Dehumidifiers. And if you haven't yet, check out our podcast. We talk plenty about the overlap of the health sciences and the building sciences. There's a lot to talk about!