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10 Years, 10 Services

Positive Energy has just reached a real milestone in its history. This week we are celebrating our 10th anniversary, while simultaneously celebrating a new office space, new staff, new services, and a rebranding moment with a new website. Please take a look around at the new site. Read about our new services. Get to know our new folks. Share in this wonderful moment with us.

Taking A Moment

If you’re around on Wednesday and in Austin, please feel free to stop by our 10 year anniversary gathering. The event is graciously sponsored by our friends at Mitsubishi. We’ll kick off an evening of community building and networking at 4:30 PM and boogie until about 7. There will be tours of the new office space and all the fantastic mechanical equipment and systems we’ve installed so that you can “kick the tires” of the latest and greatest on the market. We’ll tell you about our new services and introduce you to our new staff. We’ll discuss our new strategy for design excellence - focusing on outcomes.

1114 South 1st


Please Join Us!

Thanks to all who made our space possible. And thanks to all our wonderful clients who believed in us a decade ago and gave us the opportunity to be a force in the industry. We’re grateful for the opportunity to be here and hope another 10 years ahead will prove even more innovative and interesting in partnership with one another.

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