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Take The 2030 Challenge

The mission of the AIA 2030 Commitment is to support the 2030 Challenge and transform the practice of architecture in a way that is holistic, firm-wide, project based, and data-driven. By prioritizing energy performance, participating firms can more easily work toward carbon neutral buildings, developments and major renovations by 2030.

Joining the 2030 Commitment gives you access to the Design Data Exchange (DDx), a national framework created by AIA with simple metrics and a standardized reporting format for measuring progress. The confidential, easy-to-use DDx lets you pinpoint best practices and anonymously compare project performance in your firm and beyond. The research tool allows you to compare projects of similar type, size, climate, and a host of other attributes across the 2030 portfolio.

Through the 2030 Commitment, you can elevate your practice, save clients money, and combat the effects of global climate change. Explore the resources and articles below to navigate the program.

Joining the 2030 Commitment: What to expect

In 2018 alone, firms participating in the 2030 Commitment saved 17.7 million metric tons of CO2, which is equivalent to the carbon emissions that would be avoided by taking all the cars in Georgia off the road for an entire year!

Signing onto the AIA 2030 Commitment is all about tracking your progress and evaluating the impact design decisions have on your projects’ energy performance! We believe significant changes in the way we address energy and climate issues through the built environment happens throughout the journey to net zero. By joining the 2030 Commitment, you are asserting your firm’s commitment to energy performance and adapting your practice to stand behind that value.You can’t manage what you don’t measure, so the 2030 Commitment provides the tools, support, education, data and analysis to help you improve your expertise and your bottom line.

Benefits of joining

There is a myriad of benefits to joining the 2030 Commitment--for you, your firm, and your clients. You’ll gain access to anonymous, confidential data from leading AIA firms’ projects worldwide. 

As a participant, you’ll:

  • help clients save money by further integrating energy analysis and metrics into your practice

  • boost your firm profile by developing new sustainability approaches and creating a firm culture that exemplifies sustainable design

  • be provided a tool that will allow you to benchmark energy metrics, set targets, track progress, and validate your design approach for energy savings

  • be part of a growing cadre of firms who are working to combat climate change through education, energy modeling and advocacy

  • be able to track your data and see your firm’s impact compared to firms in your region

Be part of the solution

Join us by completing out basic information about your firm through the 2030 Design Data Exchange (DDx). You will also need to upload a Commitment letter signed by your firm’s leadership or start with a trial account.

The 2030 Commitment framework also includes creating a Sustainability Action Plan (SAP) within six months of signing the commitment letter. SAPs establish a long-term firm-wide strategy that promotes the 2030 Commitment goals and other best practices in sustainable design. For guidance on creating a Sustainability Action Plan, access our 2030 help pages. 

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Track data and review progress

Firms tracked nearly 3 billion square feet of projects in 2018 and that number is growing. The 2030 Commitment thrives on the data you report. Manage the progress of your firm’s entire design portfolio toward meeting the 2030 goals by tracking each project in the Design Data Exchange (DDx). 

Work towards progress

To ensure success, periodically review how your reporting and practices are tracking with your firm's Sustainability Action Plan. Maintain accountability by encouraging your firm to update your SAP at least once every three years, reflecting on the progress shown by your reporting.

For more information about the 2030 Commitment and the DDx, visit the DDx help pages or email us at 2030commitment@aia.org.

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