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The Building Science Podcast

The Building Science Podcast

The Future Of Water Heaters Is Here

John Miles, Sanden Hot Water Heaters

If you think you don’t need to worry about water heating, think again! In this episode, Kristof interviews John Miles of Sanden Hot Water Heaters live on the AHR Expo floor in Chicago about the future of water heating. Learn why this technology can make a massive impact on the housing and energy sectors. 

When most people think of a quality water heater (which rarely happens) they think of gas tankless or electric resistive tanked systems. But that's nowhere near the full story. Water heaters are the second highest energy users in most homes and most home owners have never been presented with a good accounting of the available options. 

Heat pump water based water heating is here to stay and split system water heaters are the next step forward in the evolutionary up-cycle. Add to the equation an incredible refrigerant, CO2, and you've got yourself a high performing, low exergy, and low Global Warming Potential (GWP) water heating unit that could actually change energy consumption at the grid level.

Here's the breakdown (these are generalized for simplicity):

-Gas Tankless Systems - 90% Efficiency

-Electric Resistive Tanked Systems - 95% Efficiency

-Conventional Non-Split Heat Pump - 250% Efficient

-Split System CO2 Based Heat Pump - 520% Efficient

Big thanks to Sanden for supporting the show and for talking with us at AHR and to The Humid Climate Conference for their continued and generous support of our show. 

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