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The Building Science Podcast

The Building Science Podcast

Circus Or Symphony

Construction is a serious and unforgiving business. The best minds in the business are masters of seeing connections and systems thinking. If you are really trying to make a difference in this industry the good news is that there’s a lot of work to do and questions to answer. 

  • How do you successfully organize and deliver high quality construction on time and within budget?

  • How do you handle communication flow?

  • How much do you rely on external consultants for expertise?

  • How do you set and manage expectations with your client?

In this episode, Kristof interviews Trevor Brown, the Quality Control Manager of JE Dunn Construction to discuss war stories and the inside baseball of commercial construction. 

Trevor Brown


If there's someone who understands complex systems, it's Trevor Brown. Trevor has 20 years of experience as a Quality Control Professional, holds LEED AP BD+C Accreditation, and multiple ICC and NICET Certifications. His role is diverse and includes assisting in planning, implementing, and supervising construction quality assurance programs in compliance with contract documents and supervise and mentor his QA staff in their construction quality professional and interpersonal skills. His work has allowed him to become an expert in field and office staff interpretation of company, owner, and government requirements and recommendations in relation to the quality construction methods and processes of the company.

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