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The Building Science Podcast

The Building Science Podcast

Welcome To The Filtration Station

Strap in, y'all - this is one is... technical. Capturing particles, even and especially the ones too small for you to see, are where the rubber meets the road for IAQ. This all-important task is the role of the often-overlooked air filter. Today we talk about one of the most important building science topics that many folks don't know enough about - air filtration. Who knew there was so many important considerations for this often overlooked and ignored component of our industry?

John Bloemer

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John is Director of Engineering for Aprilaire. Aprilaire is the leader in Residential IAQ products offering solutions that create a Healthy Home.  Aprilaire designs, engineers and manufactures products that control aspects of IAQ – temperature, humidity, fresh air and air purity.   

John graduated with a BSME from the University of Akron.  His 34-year carrier has been focused on product development and he has worked for Scott & Fetzer and Kohler before finding his home at Aprilaire 19 years ago.

Through his carrier, he has been awarded over 15 US and foreign patents.  He sits on many committees in ASHRAE and AHRI and is actively involved in the Building Science community.  With Aprilaire, John is responsible for leading a team of highly talented engineers and experts in IAQ product design and testing at the main office Madison, WI. 

He promotes healthy buildings as a system where all products work together to ensure the highest level of air quality possible while maintaining ease of use, energy efficiency and of course, the health and comfort of the occupants.

Special thanks to Aprilaire for their generous and continued support for the show. Please go check out their products - it helps us secure future sponsorship! :) 

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