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The Neglected Blog! Positive Energy Updates!

Building Science enthusiasts, please accept our humble apology for neglecting this little corner of the web! We've been quite busy here at Positive Energy, but there are a few items that we'd like to note. These are primarily company updates from the summer to keep you in the know with what we're up to.

Building Science Summer Camp 

Every summer (August 3-5, 2015), the best minds in the industry all gather in Westford, MA Annual Westford Symposium on Building Science. This year's meeting was absolutely fantastic and there was even a session called "How Sausage Actually Gets Made" Obviously, it was a wild time. Big thanks to The Building Science Corporation for hosting such a great summer camp.

Radiant Heating & Cooling

This update is pretty simple. We're happy to let the world know that we're working on our first Alpha test project for our developing design product, Radiant Heating & Cooling. Stay tuned for more pictures and updates as this project gets into full swing.

The Building Science Podcast

This is by far the most exciting new undertaking that we've taken on as a company and we're thrilled with the initial momentum that it's had. We've officially posted 8 episodes now and have planned out the next year's worth of content, topics, interviews, etc. 

PLEASE check it out on iTunes

New Conference Table

Not that it's of huge significance, but we got a pretty awesome new conference table and we're excited to sit around it to have our next meeting with you. 

Stay tuned for more updates and a few crunchier posts on building science topics. In the mean time, if you haven't checked out the podcast, please don't hesitate! Listen to it all you want! 

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