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Sustainability Through Integrated Design - COTE San Antonio Event!


Integration Matters - Integrated Project Design and Delivery

Is “Integrated” the new Green? The term is appearing everywhere. What does it signify for the industry and what does it mean for you? Prominent in the modern architectural lexicon, Integrated project delivery (IPD), Integrated design process (IDP) and Integrated design teams (IDT), all have a common aspiration - achieving multiple simultaneous positive outcomes through a process of expanding the project team’s understanding of interlocking impacts.  

Applied to buildings, the core meaning of integrated points to two key categories of outcomes that represent the why we pursue and this approach. 

They are: (1) human factors - a healthy, safe, comfortable indoor environment to support the occupants productivity and well-being; and, (2) societal factors - reduced resource and energy impact to support the owners/operators desire for reduced maintenance and long terms cost of ownership (as well as societal goals as expressed by Codes). 

How we approach the project delivery process is to integrate desired outcomes from four interlocking aspects of the project: (1) the architectural vision for the building; (2) the human factors of health, comfort and well-being; (3) the design of the enclosure; and, (4) the strategy for climate zone appropriate mechanical systems. A mutual and sympathetic understanding of these four facets leads to success in achieving project goals. 

What we are integrating is a project delivery approach. Specifically a project delivery approach that harnesses the expertise and perspective of the entire team of stakeholders to optimize project outcomes so that they increase value to the owner and occupants, while reducing resource use through maximizing efficiency. 

Please join us for this workshop and discussion to learn about and share thoughts on building design and delivery.

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