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Building Science Philosophical Society Meeting Announcement

Our homes and buildings are complex systems of systems that have a significant impact on our lives -code requirements for their design and construction directly impact our health, our comfort, our safety and our bank accounts.  

Please join us for our next Building Science Philosophical society meeting next Thursday on 4/7, where the matter at hand turns to something we all have an opinion about - building codes*.

Strong, well-designed, effectively enforced building codes can save lives, save energy and reduce resource use. It's also true that building to code minimum standards leads to the worst building that can be legally built.

Complicating the question of Codes is that there are now a host of beyond-Code programs to choose from - see the icons below. Even assuming the "perfect" code, the elephant-in-the-room is effective enforcement. Beyond all this, how do shifting societal values and owner/occupant preferences affect this mix? 

Please join us for a lively and thoughtful discussion... It's even rumored that our local Austin Energy Code 'Czar' will be on hand to share his thoughts and opinions!



Thursday, 4/7/16 

Positive Energy

1206 B South 3rd

Austin, TX 78704

*The emphasis for this discussion will be on those building code provisions that specifically impact the long term performance (health, comfort, energy use, durability) of the building. 

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