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The Building Science Podcast

The Building Science Podcast

Excuse Me, Your Building Is Leaking

Healthy, efficient buildings shouldn't leak. Leaky buildings are unfortunately a staple of our industry norm. As you know, making change in the construction industry is like turning a super tanker. It doesn’t happen quickly, but super tankers do turn. They use a trim tab to enable the large rudder to turn the shift. What is needed now is a fresh take on the societal forces resisting change in construction practices and energy code. We need a trim tab to start the process of countering these stuck forces. Enter a Duane Jonlin, a man with technical depth, a creative mind and a sense of humor. What he has accomplished through unconventional tactics in Seattle and Washington state is nothing short of astounding. The underlying strategy he used is one we can all use in our roles in life where we encounter stickiness and dogma from those who argue for the status quo. Listen with an open mind and enjoy the episode.

Duane Jonlin FAIA 

Duane Jonlin

Duane Jonlin is has been appointed by two Governors to the Washington State Building Code Council and chairs its Energy Code Technical Advisory Group. Recently he was appointed by ICC to the 2018 IECC Commercial Buildings Committee. Prior to joining the City of Seattle, Duane was a principal at NBBJ, where he led regulatory compliance and quality management initiatives. He is a professional member of AIA and ASHRAE, with 30 years' experience designing civic and institutional work, and has architectural degrees from the University of Washington and University of Michigan. Duane is an active member of the AIA Seattle Code Committee, and he writes and lectures on energy efficiency and construction technology in the Pacific Northwest and beyond.

Duane was also elevated in 2016 to the American Institute of Architects’ prestigious College of Fellows. The fellowship program elevates architects who have made a significant contribution to architecture and society and who have achieved a standard of excellence in the profession (out of AIA’s membership of 88,000, only 3,200 members are distinguished with this honor). He’s also a really kind and funny person with a lot of great thoughts on how to affect change at a pretty substantial level.

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