Positive Energy
Design Around People. A Good Building Follows.




pos·i·tive en·er·gy

| ˈpäzədiv ˈenərjē |

noun: engineering company, Austin, TX

1. a net positive energy building is one that creates more energy on-site than it consumes. the implications of this are far reaching.
“The architectural, structural and mechanical system designs were thoroughly coordinated to successfully create a net positive energy house.”

2. a high quality indoor environment promotes comfort, health and well being through architectural design practices focused on a full accounting of the occupant experience.
“She experienced a sense of positive energy and thermal comfort when she walked into the kitchen each morning, breathing fresh, clean air.”

3. encouragement through integrated thinking - together we can re-shape architecture and construction processes to focus on collaboration, mutual respect, shared vision and long term outcomes.  
“The team faced challenges and industry friction, but through their collective positive energy they achieved a thoughtfully integrated design, followed by integrated project delivery process, to help move architecture, construction, and engineering industry forward out of its laggard state of progress.” 

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